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Posted on 17 September 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags:
I just headed over to Head First Labs and found - to my surprise - that there are 4 new books on the horizon. For those of you who didn't have the joy to read one of these wonderful books: The Head First book series from O'Reilly is a new approach to teaching you programming topics: The books are entertaining (can you believe that a book about Design Patterns can be entertaining?), have lots of diagrams and pictures and ACTUALLY make you UNDERSTAND the topic. What you learn through these books sticks - you don't just read and forget. All the books are hands-on with lots of excercises - very nice. I've read Head First Design Patterns and parts of Head First Java. Both are incredible. My wife has read Head First HTML which seems to cover the topic beautifully as well. So one new book is available already: Head First SQL. I've been working with SQL for about 9 years, so I'll skip this book, but Head First C# and Head First Software Development are titles I will reserve a spot on my shelf for! Head First JavaScript is the 4th title: I don't think I'll get that one, it seems to be very basic and doesn't seem to tackle advanced topics that would have interested me. But the C# book will finally give me a chance to learn this hyped language (ok, ok, I know there are millions of tutorials and books and what not on C#, but now with a Head First book it will be entertaining to learn it :)). The Software Development book's description sounds promising as well - and I quote:
This book is for you if you are:
  • Tired of your customers assuming you're psychic. You'll learn not only how to get good requirements, but how to make sure you're always building the software that customers want (even when they're not sure themselves)
  • Wondering when the other 15 programmers you need to get your project done on time are going to show up. You'll learn how some very simple scheduling and prioritizing will revolutionize your success rate in developing software.
  • Confused about being rational, agile, or a tester. You'll learn not only about the various development methodologies out there, but how to choose a solution that's right for your project.
  • Confused because the way you ran your last project worked so well, but failed miserably this time around. You'll learn how to tackle each project individually, combine lessons you've learned on previous projects with cutting-edge development techniques, and end up with great software on every project.
Head First Software Development is here to help you learn in a way that your brain likes... and you'll have a blast along the way. Why pick up hundreds of boring books on the philosophy of this approach or the formal techniques required for that one? Stick with Head First Software Development, and your projects will succeed like never before. Go on, get started... you'll learn and have fun. We promise.
Sounds good, eh?


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